Relax by the water

Water Garden

Giant Gunnera surrounds the water garden which was started in 1989 on a sloping site. It was first planted with vegetables to clean the site and then, to the surprise of everyone, a pond was created on the top of a hill. It was built solely for the wildlife and it attracts many species of dragonflies, heron, deer, badgers, foxes and, of course, rabbits. Newts, frogs and toads come to spawn every year.

Reflection in a water garden always provide a lovely feature to gaze upon. In this garden, a large purple beech reflects majestically in the water, especially when accompanied by a bright blue Cornish sky.

The garden is very relaxing with plenty of seating. The lower part has highly coloured herbaceous plants and several grasses, bambooss and ferns in the shade of the trees. The tender pinus patula and p.montezumae from Mexico make a good backdrop.

Many magnolias are planted for spring interest. Later, when all the primulas are in flower, especially the scented Himalayan specie plants, they provide an unforgettable sight.

Currently closed for a new project.