Join us with a Zen state of mind

Japanese Garden

Often people try to imagine the look of a Japanese garden…

This Shakkei (meaning ‘borrowed scenery from beyond’) garden is a creation based on the understanding of a ‘Zen’ state of mind. Which is the soul of this particular garden design.

Upon viewing and choosing the location, and with ‘Zen’ in mind, previous old trees have been carefully retained and incorporated to form an important element – the backdrop and canopy to “stage” the mood and control of the direction of light throughout different times of the day. In a similar way as history and culture which shaped us today.

Wildflower meadows and a lake have been “borrowed in” as a framed view from beyond. Reminding us how important the environment and our surroundings affect us.

This leads us to understand the concept of Expression over Aesthetics:
The Rocks symbolises the Mountains
The Water symbolises the Sea
The Pebbles symbolises the Beach, and
The Bridge symbolises the Journey of life.

Thus, the focus is the dialogue between the creator and the viewer.

Most plants here are chosen from the Kyoto Botanical Garden, in Japan, with new plants being sent over each year. Some of which have already become the Champion Trees in this country.

Are you ready to feed your imagination?