Pronounced 'pai-nee-tum'

The Pinetum

Discover over 80 different conifers and pines in our 4 acre Pinetum. Specially planted in the shape of an amphitheatre with the largest trees on the perimeter and the lowest at the entrance, giving an awesome sight into the heart of the pines.

The Pinetum is like a  ‘Temple of Pines’ where we encourage you to ‘Forest Bath’. Pine trees produce more Phytoncides (chemicals that make us feel good) than other trees, so a 10 minute walk in the Pinetum not only give you a real health boost but also leave you feeling less stressed!

The largest of the Pinetum trees will ultimately grow to 200-300ft. in height – the Giant Redwood from America being one of the largest. Several of the very unusual trees have been grown here in the nursery from seed obtained through plant hunting expeditions.

  • The Pinetum was planted in 1993 in 4 acres of land. 
  • This year, we will celebrate the Pinetum’s 30th year!